Charleston Sunday Brunch Spotlight: Avocado Toast 5 Ways

If there’s any one dish that’s become a Charleston Sunday brunch staple in the last few years, it’s avocado toast (well, let’s be real—avocado toast is everywhere). When we formed the menu for the Park Cafe’s Sunday brunch we wanted to incorporate some of the best farm to table ingredients with popular dishes that would create a fun, delicious meal experience for our customers. We settled on something simple because we wanted to highlight the fresh ingredients rather than deliver something bold or too heavy, but below we’ve included five of our favorite recipes for avocado toast, inspired by five totally different places in the world!


We’re sure you can guess what this one includes. To capture the nordic spirit in your avocado toast, add a few slices of Norwegian smoked salmon to your dish. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese and dill on a slice of whole wheat toast before spreading a mixture of avocado, lemon, and red onion. Add the smoked salmon to the top, and sprinkle a few capers to finish off the dish. This dish can replace the not-so-healthy smoked salmon lox & bagel you’d otherwise get when craving the dish.

New Yorker

While New York City bodegas may be famous for their selection of lox & bagels, there’s only one other staple that’s debatably more famed: the bacon, egg, and cheese. A mixture of scrambled eggs and cheese with a few slices of bacon gets squished between two bagel slices and served wrapped in a piece of deli paper. To give this dish a healthy, but still delicious twist, serve it as a version of avocado toast. Mix up some scrambled eggs, cheese, and chopped bacon up in a bowl and top it over a slice of toast with avocado spread, then sprinkle some more cheese and tab on a few drops of hot sauce for more flavor.


While a spin on the bacon, egg, and cheese sounds tempting, it also sounds heavy. Everyone loves a good Greek salad, and we recently realized that all of the elements of a Greek salad could be easily transferred to another fan favorite—avocado toast! To create a Greek spin on a classic avocado toast, add some Kalamata olives, red onion, sliced cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese on top of a spread made from avocado, dill, and lemon juice. Drizzle fresh olive oil on top and serve!

Southern Style

While avocado toast is usually healthy, there’s no way to sugarcoat the fact that Southern cooking is not. Since we’re a Charleston Sunday Brunch staple, it would almost be wrong of us not to give you a recipe for a Southern-inspired version of our farm-to-table avocado toast. Toast a few slices of whole wheat bread and spread some avocado on. Top it with an egg, cooked however you’d like, and then smother it in Southern-style breakfast gravy for a new take on traditional biscuits and gravy. You can find a good recipe for breakfast gravy here!


If there’s one thing that California is known for, it’s fresh produce. Just like our farm-to-table style dining at the Park Cafe, fresh produce is the star of the show with this recipe. California is also known for its own take on Mexican food—so we’ve combined those two elements to create one delicious version of avocado toast. Top some avocado on toast with scrambled eggs, cheese, and black beans. Then, spread a fresh pico de gallo (check out this recipe), freshly chopped cilantro, lime, and hot sauce to enjoy a California spin on classic avocado toast.

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