The Park Cafe – The Best Farm to Fork Options

Difference You Can Taste

At The Park Cafe, their philosophy is simple. Food shouldn’t be complicated. Because of that, every dish they serve is made with care from locally grown ingredients. The food speaks for itself with every bite.

There are several delicious, tempting selections to choose from each menu. The hardest part is choosing which one you will order. We recommend that you grab a seat, figure out the perfect cool drink, and enjoy the bounty that farm to fork food offers. The Park Cafe believes that living simply is a luxury that everyone should share.

What is Farm to Fork?

Farm to fork simply means that the food on your plate came directly from a local farm. It was not taken to a supermarket or grocery store to be processed in some way for you to purchase and take home.

Often, these locally-grown fruits, veggies and other farm products are often of better quality. In addition, they simply taste better for not having been processed.

The Day Menu

The delicious breakfast and lunch menu items are served all day until 3PM.

On the Day Menu, breakfast options range from the traditional, such as a Fried Egg Sandwich or a Walk In The Park, two eggs with sausage or bacon, potatoes or fruit, and toast, to the more adventurous, like the French Omelette, with jalapeño and cheddar cheese.

For lunch, the options get even tastier. There are many Italian dishes on the menu, including three cheese ravioli and chicken parmesan. The menu also features the Park Burger, made from ribeye steak. However, if you prefer lighter options, this cafe has you covered there, too. There are several salad and soup options for your dining pleasure including Chicken Cacciatore.

The Brunch Menu

Their brunch menu features more extensive choices. Breakfast items include Corn Beef Hash all the way to Eggs in Purgatory and Hot Chocolate Waffle, while lunch includes such items as French Dip and Carbonara, an Italian delight.

All dishes are simple and handcrafted from locally grown ingredients, some of which are seasonal, but will always be fresh and homegrown.

Meet the Staff

The owner of The Park Cafe is Karalee Fallert. Karalee is also the owner of several restaurants across the Charleston area, including the Wiki Wiki Sandbar.

Originally from California, Karalee has called Charleston home since 2000. She opened her first restaurant back in 2005 called Ravas. Since then she has opened half a dozen establishments across the city and shows no sign of stopping. The one thing that ties all her establishments together is the use of fresh, local, homegrown produce and farm ingredients.

Patrick Gottschall is the executive chef at The Park Cafe. He has been there for three years, first starting out as a server, but soon was promoted to the kitchen staff. It was there that he began inventing new items for the menu. As executive chef, he makes sure all the ingredients in the kitchen are locally grown and fresh, and the employees are happy.

At The Park Cafe, farm to fork is not just a menu selection – it’s a lifestyle.  Visit us and see why we offer the best food options in Charleston!