A Deep Dive into Our Charleston Brunch Menu

The Park Cafe has created a one-of-kind Charleston brunch menu that reflects our belief that fresh and simple ingredients are essential to make comfort food…well, comfort food. And, this is reflected in all that we do, including a brunch menu that offers the chance for either a light and healthy or slightly decadent brunch experience, as well as all stages in between.

The Best Charleston Brunch

The Park Cafe brunch menu stands out in a world where brunch is increasingly popular.  There are many options for a unique brunch experience, but Park Cafe offers something special. Although we’ve been told we have the best breakfast in Charleston, we may now have the best brunch in the bag, too.  So, what makes our brunch menu so special?

First, it features delicious food that’s not complicated and honors our belief in a reimagined farm-to-fork brunch experience. However, let’s dive a little deeper into why brunch at The Park Cafe is a one-of-a-kind experience. This Charleston brunch will leave you feeling down-home satisfied, but coming back for more.

Dive In!

Avocado Toast: Signature Take on a Hot Trend

Our avocado toast is a take on an increasingly popular trend in brunch menu options. Avocado toast has taken off with countless variations appearing both on brunch menus and in family kitchens. In our signature fashion, we’ve chosen to highlight fresh and simple ingredients for a dish that largely speaks for itself. Avocado spread with lemon, olive oil, chile flake, and optional egg perfectly complement the crispy baguette.

Ebleskiver: Best Take on Danish

Ebleskiver is a traditional Danish fried pastry with any number of fillings, but most often apple. Some describe it as a mix of a donut hole and a pancake in texture and flavor.  The Park Cafe keeps it fresh and simple once again, to emphasize the basic elements that define the dish. Our filling of seasonal preserves ensures that you are getting the freshest ingredients possible.

Shirred Eggs: Best Take on Baked Eggs

When you bake eggs with cream, something great happens. When you bake eggs with cream and cauliflower and serve it with a Parmesan baguette, it reaches new heights. The Park Cafe’s take on this dense, silky custard is enhanced by the unmatched texture of cauliflower and richness of pecorino cream.

Park Lettuces: Best Take on Asian

The combination of tofu and peanuts has undeniable attributes, including a perfect matchup of textures and flavors. When you layer this with an herb vinaigrette and boiled egg, however, you have a heavenly blend that pleases all the senses.

Fried Egg Sandwich: Best Take on a Deli Classic

With a fresh half grapefruit on the side for good measure, our fried egg sandwich takes this small indulgence to new heights with bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado – and spicy mayo for a little kick. Maybe not our simplest dish, but a stellar combination of basic ingredients nonetheless.

Honorable Mentions

Best Down-Home Sensibility: Veggie Hash

The freshest, seasonal vegetables we can find, and we know how to find the best. Served with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.

Most Decadent: French Toast

Imagine your mom’s french toast with caramel and espresso whipped cream that makes for a dreamy texture with a sweet, but bitter bite. We think that says it all for this one.

We hope this deeper look into our brunch menu has piqued your interest enough to pay us a visit at The Park Cafe and experience our fresh-and-simple approach to brunch downtown Charleston first-hand.

A piece of toast topped with Ricotta and Tomatoes